Passion for Passing

Always an Adventure

Born out of a love for family and a passion for all things that inspire adventure. 

R.Squared is a high quality, stylish and functional apparel brand for adventure seekers. People who have a passion for passing in all aspects of life. People who love unique clothing that stands for something they believe it. 

Evolution of a Brand

What started out as Ryley Racer has grown and evolved in to so much more. 

Fundraising to get things going!

About Us

Our Story

R.Squared started when Ryley Racer shared his love of snowmobiling, dirt biking, quading and adventuring on Youtube so his friends and family could watch. He created the name for himself at 2 1/2 years old and we have helped him grow it from there to where it is today. A passion project from our family to yours. 

R.Squared and Passion for Passing Apparel is for people who like:

Snowboarding and riding that first run of the day. 

Midnight JUMPS in to the lake at the cottage.

Snowmobiling with friends and trail blazing our own way home. 

Dirt biking with the warm sun on your back. 

Summer afternoons on the water making our own waves.

Great music playing as you unwind from a day out.

Sunday FunDays with friends who are family

Pushing life to the limits. Never satisfied, always seeking more. 

Functional Luxury Apparel

We are about quality. Functional luxury apparel. We want to make clothes and accessories that are stylish and functional, that are as unique as you are. A few pieces a season. Inspired for life. 

This brand will continue to evolve- as we do- to make sure to always be relevant and true to our roots of seekers of adventure. 

Support our Start UP

To help get us started we are selling R.Squared, Passion For Passing quick connect embroidered lanyards as a teaser of what's to come. $10 each all profits from each sale going towards start up costs. 

You can pay and pick up off us directly or $2 extra and we will mail directly to your house. 

Part of our Mission for R.Squared is to create adventure and live life to the fullest. We know that sometimes adventures and the toys that go along with them can get expensive so we will be partnering with local charities across Canada to help support getting kids in to sports who otherwise would not be able to. Ryley Racers idea. Stay tuned for the details as we work them out. xo Ry

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Contact Us

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Georgetown, Ontario CANADA

(416) 258-4727